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Stone Care and Maintenance

Your investment is protected.

Upon completion of fabrication, before your stone leaves our shop for installation, all countertops are treated with Miracle Seal 511 impregnator sealer - a premium product that is absorbed into the stone to create an invisible seal which adds resistance to water and grease and has no effect on the stones' natural appearance.

Do Marble & Granite Require Special Care?

Stone countertops are easier to maintain than one would expect. Warm water and a soft cloth are all that is needed for routine daily cleaning. Glass cleaners are effective as a good film cutter and an occasional polish with any available stone care spray or typical furniture polish will add shine to your countertops.

Granite is extremely stain resistant, hygienic and durable. Under normal use, it will not scratch, chip or crack. Click here to find out more.

Marble and limestone require a bit more care. Use coasters as you would with your fine furniture to avoid staining and etching and protect your surface from citric acids, alcohol and oils. Avoid abrasive cleansers and all acids including products with lemon or vinegar.

Floors should be kept free of sand and dirt and mopped with warm water regularly.

What about Radon?

The safety of granite use has been brought into question in recent years regarding possible radon emissions from stone. Rest assured, all studies conducted have concluded that the countertops in your kitchen contribute insignificantly to the radon in your home. "We reviewed data reported by every peer-reviewed, published study we could find and the conclusion is clear: No scientific evidence exists to suggest that granite countertops are a source of meaningful exposure to radon," said Dr. John F. McCarthy, president of Environmental Health & Engineering, a consulting firm specializing in indoor environmental exposure assessments.
Click here for a more detailed report.